15 Minute Card Miracles

My dream was to put together several entertaining card tricks that I could perform in my restaurant venues that required no sleight of hand but packed a wallop! Well, I did just that and I've been performing all the tricks in 15 Minute Card Miracles at my restaurant shows for 5 years.

These tricks will get you the reactions that you want with little effort on your part. They literally require no doubles, no breaks, no counts, no crimps, no gimmicks... nothing! You won't have to worry about piles of cards on the table either, there's no room for that in restaurant venues. Other than an incredible opener, there's no stacks either! Most of these are impromptu. Order now to get a great resouce for card tricks that allow you to take a breather from your sleight of hand work. Just look at what you get!

Card magic is an excellent way to start out in magic on the right foot. There are so many tricks that can be performed with an ordinary deck of cards! Here's a few from 15 Minute Card Miracles:

Five card tricks done with an ordinary deck are included. And a BONUS sixth effect is included that uses special cards, that are provided!

What they're saying...

Bryan Dean Toder, Magic Talk Reviews - "This is a very nice manuscript of five short and to-the-point card tricks that are very effective and easy to perform. While the price of $8.95 isn't expensive, you may have expected a few more tricks to be included. However, that's where you're wrong as these five effects are nice bits for your walkaround/restaurant magic."

J.Y., Monroe, LA - "I have gone through your material and it is top notch. Thanks a lot ..."

Eric Henning, Maryland-based Magician- "I liked the first trick in the book!"

Joe Castricone, Maryland-based Restaurant Magician - "I immediately added one of the tricks (Two Card Miracle) to my working repetorie."

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