How To Get Your First Restaurant Show

Second Edition (July 2002 Release)

Congratulations on taking the first step towards performing in restaurants. I've compiled 10 years of experience performing in restaurants into notes on How To Get Your First Restaurant Show!

Restaurants are fun and steady places to perform walk-around, close-up magic. The good news is that restaurants need you! The better news is that these notes WILL have you pursuing a steady restaurant gig like a professional the day after you receive them!

There's no fluff in these notes. These ARE the fundamentals that you'll use over and over, year after year to get steady restaurant work. The fundamentals are simple and are documented in four easy steps. They are as follows:

These steps are so simple and easy to understand that you WILL be using them the day after you receive the notes.

In addition, there is a Troubleshooting section included that covers questions that may arise while you're pursuing your first restaurant gig. This section will have you handling these common questions like a true pro. Here's a few...

Also, a BONUS section is included with 5 easy steps to working the restaurant. You'll be "working the room" at your first restaurant like a professional by following these simple steps. Here's a few...

Further, a Marketing section covers how to take FULL advantage of performing in restaurants. Over the years, I developed these methods "in the trenches" at restaurants, and they'll put you years ahead of the average restaurant performer in getting outside bookings. Topics include:

To recap, here's what you get:

What they're saying...

Bryan Dean Toder, MagicTalk Reviews, 1999 - "'ll learn just about all you'll need to know to get the restaurant job, entertain and keep the gig, too! Sure, you can buy a bigger book, but - and I am speaking from experience here (15 years of restaurant experience!) - you really don't need to know much more than what's in How To Get Your First Restaurant Show."

John "Big Daddy Cool" Pyka - MagicTalk Reviews, 2003 - "... if [you want] the real information on how to get [your] first restaurant show, you will be well served by this manuscript."

John Zander - The Comedy Magic of John Zander - "Frank's manuscript is straight forward and on target. ... [if you] follow Frank's advice you will no doubt land a strolling job. Frank obviously speaks and teaches from experience..."

A.W., Beaverton, OR - "Loved the restaurant guide and I am putting it to good use!!"

Timothy Hyde, MagicCoach - "I like the restaurant guide. Simple and to the point."

J.M., Matthews, NC - "The manuscript has a lot of good information!"

David French, Maryland-based Restaurant Magician - "Frank's methods are sound and will work for you too."

Joe Castricone, Maryland-based Restaurant Magician - "I used most of these techniques to get into the four restaurants that I currently perform in."

Eric Lindsey - Tony Robbins Instructor/Magician - "Your manual is excellent. Simple and to the point and can be put into action right away. Great stuff, Thanks again."

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