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The Restaurant Show Mini Course Review:

Posted By: Steve V to magictalk.com Date: Wednesday, 27 October 2004

How unique! A review on something that cost you nothing but the time to send a blank email to freemagicinfo@getresponse.com and you will receive, over a five day period, this fun mini course in restaurant magic.

What is the catch you ask? Frank Buono, who wrote the course, is using it to introduce his detailed e-booklet on restaurant magic as well as his audio tapes. I can't comment on either but I have read and gone back to his free mini course. So if you can handle the commercials at the end and maybe an occasional email (very occasional) from Frank then this valuable lil' tool is worth your time.

If your thing is sitting in your chair with your boxers on muttering "they can't fool me! I know they just want me to buy sumptin....dang them all!" then I suggest you not request it. It should be noted that not only have I never met Frank but he is in a state that I've never been too and, to be honest, barely recognize as a state. Enjoy the review!

The Frank's FREE Electronic 5 Day Get Your First Restaurant Show Mini Course (it's official name) is sent out over a 5 day period (duh). Each part is 1.5 to 2 pages. It is very well written and has some info that is surprisingly good. Frank is a real cheerleader, sans mini skirt, for restaurant magic. He also lives in an area with a number of very good restaurant magician so he has a pretty high level of competence he needs to maintain.

Part 1 gives a quick intro to the course and gives an idea on how to get started before getting started which I found very valuable. In fact it should be obvious to folks but I think it slips by most of us. Frank also tells how he got into doing restaurant magic. This is his motivational part of the course.

Part 2 goes a bit into the tricks you may want to consider performing. Frank explains that you don't need to know 30 effects cold and drag along a flying rig to succeed. Franks suggestions are of value and dead on.

Part 3 goes into getting the job. Franks suggestion on getting started contains some good info, one piece of info made so much sense to me and was such a good idea I was, again, amazed I didn't think of it first. I'm tempted to tip it here but the course is free so get it yourself you greedy mo'fo.

Part 4. You got the gig, you are ready! Here Frank tells you how to approach the table, and how not too, knowing what table to hit...etc. This section also has a FAQ section, kinda cool.

Part 5. Frank goes into the 'types' of restaurants he has worked at. Sure, you find it odd that you know what tables to hit before knowing what restaurant you will be working at but, dang it, this is American! Frank tells you why restaurants hire folks and how to keep the job once you have it.

If this is an example of his other products then they must be pretty good. So what the heck, go sign up and get your free course....don't cost nuthin'.

Cost: Nuttin'

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